Sunday, 27 January 2013

A Fabulous Shop

After a mad week of preparing and packing up, the workshop yesterday was a success!

I have 12 lovely ladies sewing up a storm and chatting away to each other. each got to different stages in finishing their quilt top, but everyone had a go a quilting and learnt about binding.

One quilt top went completely wrong - the jelly roll seams went off on a curve, which left a quilt top at an angle we just couldn't rescue. The poor student was almost in tears after hours of work, but I have packed everything up and offered to sort the problem and make the quilt up for her. She was a complete beginner sewer, and I feel really bad for her that her first experience of patchwork was so frustrating..

I will be sharing photos later in the week and show you the class creations, but today I wanted to mention the Eclectic Maker.

On Thursday morning I went through all my supplies and realised I was going to need more of some things, including solid white fabric and needles. I ordered nice and early using the next day service. My rescue package arrived on Friday morning and really helped my stress levels!

Unfortunately the parcel has the wrong needles - universal instead of quilting needles! I emailed the shop and they said they would post out another pack. I resigned myself to not having enough of the right needles on Saturday..

On Saturday morning as I was edging my way down our icy road with a car packed full of supplies and equipment, my fabulous postie Ray flagged me down with a parcel of needles! I could have kissed him!

So thank you Eclectic Maker for being so amazing!

In case you haven't visited them yet, you really should!

They have oodles of glorious fabric, including amazing bundles:

Laura Gunn bundle

And some amazing supplies! I love these that I ordered this week for the first time:

Gonna review them later in the week!

So go check out Eclectic Maker, you are going to love the fabric, and the service is fantastic too!

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