Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Quilt in a Day

Saturday was a big day for me - my first patchwork and quilting day workshop!

I won't lie, I was extremely nervous.

Firstly because it was my first workshop teaching the skills I hold so dear, but also because I had planned for  6 learners and discovered I had 12 learners... 12 is a lot of people in a room at once...

I have 7 machines with 1/4" feet and walking feet, 6 of those have free motion feet... so they quite simply were not going to go around 12 people.. We had to borrow 5 from a local college, 4 of which we could get working..

You can just imagine my stress levels rising can't you!

Luckily it was a successful day and everyone learned new skills and a few quilts made the challenge of being ready for binding in just 6 hours!

Here are some of the photos from the day:

Working hard on patchwork
2 learners went off piste and tried something new, including free motion quilting a design:

Free motion quilting around birds on the fabric.
Another completed a design with quilt as you go applique:

I love this design of birds!

The jelly rolls came together really quickly to make a quilt top:

Adding a border to the strips to make the quilt larger.

Following the jelly roll colour progression.

Love these flowers, the reds and pinks!

The funky Trade Winds
Unfortunately this quilt went wrong... the seams went off on a tangent and curved... the poor learner was in tears, and couldn't look at her work. I have offered to sort it all out... getting the seam ripper out over the weekend. I am thinking about making the strips that are fine into a Scrappy Trip Along...

All in all it was a successful day, with 3 learners booking onto my 5 week course which focuses more on cutting and designing blocks using HST. Plus they had a waiting list long enough to book another workshop, so I am back teaching at Prema Arts on Saturday 9th.


  1. Oh that sounds like a fun workshop. It is very nice of you to help the student who's quilt didn't turn out as expected.

  2. It was great fun! I am looking forward to next one with fewer students though! I have starting unpicking her work and hope to turn it into a gorgeous quilt for her!