Wednesday, 13 March 2013

WIP: Cushions

This week has been a long one already!

2 days of a mini monster home which followed midi monster being home Thursday and Friday, has meant my ability to work and my sanity has taken a back seat!

So today I am cracking on with a couple of projects and disappearing for some peace, and a nice lunch...

The Work in Progress this week are 2 cushion covers - I know, I have a new obsession to cover the house in cushions!

First, this is block 4 for the Bi-monthly block club:

I raided my Liberty stash and added some more Juggling Summer Ovals - I love that fabric!

It is now finished, but I need a cushion backing, which I have decided must be Liberty too so complete the look! So finished photos soon - I promise!

The other cushion on the table is the embroidery I started a couple of weekends ago:

It will be going onto my bed along with the Umbrella cushion I showed you on Monday.

Both patterns are from the fabulous Aneela Hoey so I will be edging it with her fabric again - just because I love the cushion on my bed at the moment!

So that is today... oh and I had confirmation I have been nominated as Tutor of the Year for Adult Education Gloucestershire...

I think I need lunch out to celebrate!

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  1. I love the WIP of the little girl swinging on the tree branch. I know this does not compare to your above award, but I have nominated you for a Leibster blog award. Please see my blog for details.
    Wendy x
    ps Congratulations!

    1. Thank you! So pleased! Just thinking up my answers!

  2. The little girl on the swing is so cute. That's going to make an adorable cushion.

    1. Thanks! It will have a new home on my bed at the weekend!

  3. Love your embroidery!

    1. Thank you! I am pretty new to it, but love it already!