Thursday, 14 March 2013

Giving it another go....

A few weeks ago it was support your local quilt shop day/week - I would always go for the week long option personally!

I blogged about my local quilt shop, Country Threads, and told you just how much I love it!

But I have been carrying a secret around with me.... Country Threads is not my local shop..

I know, I have been very naughty but I do have a really good reason I promise...

Just after a the whole support your local quilt shop event I was surfing my bloggers that I love and came across this blog post by Rossie. Basically Rossie questioned the origin of support your local shop on Instagram and was subjected to a load of plain silly comments from quilters.

To me she raised and interesting point: Why support local?

Local to me is a shop only 20 minutes from the house that I visited once when we moved into the area 5 years ago. My opinion of it was that it dark, randomly laid out and it was kinda unfriendly. The quilts on display were all uninspiring and the fabrics really random...

So I will honestly say I wasn't in a hurry to go back.

The piece by Rossie struck a cord and I agree that supporting local is tough if walking into the shop makes the quilter in you weep! It also made me think that I should give the shop another go - after all it is only 20 minutes away from the house...

Today was the day I visited again. I needed some Bondaweb for a family workshop on Saturday and it seemed like a good excuse to go visit again.

It was still full of random things in a random places, totally uninspiring quilts on display and fabrics that were in colour/line/don't know order. The fabrics we all kinda dull... a few nice pieces, but nothing heart poundingly exciting.

It was a really uncomfortable experience. I managed to get some grey blender that I love, but nothing exciting. And I had to search to find those lovely fabrics.

It is the type of quilt shop that is supported by quilters of a certain age, who are full of traditional talent and look suspiciously at quilters who are below the age of 50. It has been there for yonks and has a loyal local following. I know you know a shop like it.

But the big shame is that it is a complete turn off for younger quilters because it is so uninspiring. It is so confined by a traditional outlook that it has forgotten that quilting is fun for all ages. It has become a shop that only works for it's loyal supporters, and therefore alienates a whole community of quilters who love to buy fabric!

I can safely say I will not be returning, I will be off to Bath and Country Threads when I need some fabric therapy!


  1. I know exactly what you mean. My LQS is staffed by ladies all in their 50's/60's/70's and they love having us "young ones" come in and learn to quilt and play with the fabric. They are passionate and full of quilty knowledge. unfortunatley the shop is full of fabric they love... which is mostly fabric I hate. i'll still go there, to support a small locla store, and to get some free advice on the best way to square up a quilt, but it will never be MY shop.
    E xx

    1. To me it is a shame as if I am put off as a experienced quilter, then a novice will never go in! I have chosen Country Threads as my local shop - it's only 40 minutes away!