Saturday, 9 March 2013

Grey Skies!

At the moment the skies over England are pretty grey- we did see sunshine for a few hours last week!

Now it is back to grey!

When I made the secret quilt last week I backed it with some gorgeous greys from my stash, so I have now  been window shopping for greys...

I love these little elephants from The Eclectic Maker. I used the blue version in a quilt I made for a lovely little boy last year. I can see using these in a quilt soon...

I am a caffeine addict - it is what gets me through the days! So when I found this fabulous fabric with coffee pots and beans from The Village Haberdashery I just fell in love! The Modern Home line all look so lovely in fact!

The Architextures line has hit the quilting world with a huge bang! It everywhere and everyone is talking about it! I have been adding bits of it to orders of other fabric and this one is one of my favourites. Backstitch has a fab selection of fabrics from the range, including this one.

I love this one! I have used it in blue/green version and it is gorgeous! I love the birds on the spokes and and the feel of the organic fabric. M is for Make has green too....

I love Sketch! I am using it more and more in quilts, it blends in so easily and this charcoal version is perfect for adding texture. Simply Solids has a wonderful selection of Sketch fabrics.

So go shopping for grey and embrace the grey skies!

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