Thursday, 28 March 2013

Triangle love!

I have the most amazing friends - the kind who take all 3 kids in an emergency and give you a hug when you need it..

One of them, Helen, has been there so many times - including driving me home after I broke my ribs in a fall last year. She is one of the few people who gives me a hug when I achieve something and when I need one!

I have wanted to make her a quilt for ages,  but her house is kinda perfect and I didn't want to make a quilt that didn't fit in... it worried me too much!

But this year they swapped the lovely VW camper for a big, shiny new motor home thingy -I haven't been in  it, but it scares me when I am reversing on her drive, her husband would kill me if I hit it by accident!

Perfect opportunity to make a picnic/comfort quilt for their trips away and it can be bright as it is for holidays and fun! Yay!

So this morning I have pulled lots of lovely colours and some prints I have been hoarding - I know it is a shock to you that I hoard - and started cutting:

I love the selection and the bikes I have been saving for Helen's quilt as it says summer holidays to me!

I have been chopping equilateral triangles out of the fabrics - they are lovely! They are 5" from base to apex.

They are so lovely! I am a bit of an order freak with quilts and fabric - there has to be order and I like to break the colour up with creams and white. So of course I started this design with cream..

But I want to try something new so the cream has been ditched:

It is starting to come together and it is making me slightly nervous, but I am just going to keep adding colours into the design and see what happens...

Really stepping out of my comfort zone.... what's the worst that can happen???


  1. What a lovely, amazingly sweet quilt! I'm sure she will appreciate it! I've been thinking a lot about the wonderful friends in my own life, and I wish I could make them all quilts! (But then I would never be done, you know what I mean?) :)

    1. I do know! This is the second quilt for a special friend this year. They are completely different though!