Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sunday Reading 03 March 2013

Good morning!

I had 5 little boys in the house creating mayhem overnight, so I hid in my room whilst trash the kitchen, living room and everywhere in between! So I am a bit behind today with Sunday Reading - you can always escape into bed and read them tonight!

Sunday comes around so quickly these days, but I have three more fabulous blogs for you explore!

Last week was Quilt Con in the States and images of the event flooded IG and blogs, which made me very jealous!  All those talented quilters in one place with fabric...

But I discovered Craftsy had filmed some of the classes and put them onto the site for free! Yup free! So I have been stealing 5 minutes at a time to watch them. One of the classes is by Jacquie Gering one of my favourite quilt designers and bloggers.

Her talk is so relaxed and interesting. It is amazing to be able to listen to a voice that I read every week. Jacquie's blog is full of fabulous quilts and inspiration, so go check it out!

Next is a wonderful blog by a British Quilter, Very Kerry Berry:

I love the fresh image of this blog and the wonderful pictures Kerry takes of her quilts and sewing. There is a whole page of wonderful tutorials to try and some wonderful tips on blogging. It is lovely to read and is a great source of info on fabric shops. You need to add this blog to your list of blogs now!

Just 2 this week - they are enough to fill your Sunday evening whilst avoiding chores!

Have fun!

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