Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A failing...

I am not a domestic goddess.....

I kinda feel the need to point it out after walking through my front door and realising the tidying/washing/ironing fairy hasn't been!

This is the pile of washing up:

I won't show the rest of the kitchen....

It's not that I don't tidy up, I just don't do it every minute of the day.

As you may know I have 3 boys. They are 10, 6 and 4. They are my world and my life revolves around them. I am their rock, their anchor in a world where the oldest has a different dad from the other 2 and none of their dads live with us.. (mega complicated!)

I work freelance as a sewing teacher and make a patchwork quilts for friends. In my spare time I am a Scout leader - if I wasn't the group would fold.

For me my time with my boys is precious. We have fun, we go on adventures and we empty huge boxes of Lego out on the floor for days on end... but my housekeeping skills aren't great!

Everyone is healthy, fed and happy. They are never without and they have a wealth of fun memories...

We do tackle the house every so often - mostly when we have visitors to be fair!

So is my messy house a sign I have failed as a parent?

Or is it just simply a sign we are too busy learning, growing and being together?


  1. Sounds just like my home. My kids are happy, creative, funny, confident, crazy individuals. People who judge us because of the way we live don't stay in our lives long. Our true friends get it...and are there for the duration :-)
    We love Lego, my boys made these this summer.



    1. Thanks Susan.

      I just feel that there are more important things to be doing... plus there is only one of me...



  2. Those are the kinds of things that are important. A perfectly clean house where you tell your sons "I can't play with you now because I have to do the dishes" or whatever will eventually lead them to stop asking you to do things with them. You are a great mom. You are giving them your time which is one of the most precious gifts we can give anyone. Your boys are lucky to have such a wonderful mom. Someday they will even get it and thank you.

    1. Thank you Carol!

      Made me feel much better.


  3. Hi Anna, I am so happy to see your house looks just like mine! I figure there is a fine line between dirty and filthy and as long as I stay on the right side of it we are all happy (and incredibly healthy...must be the dirt ;)

    Anyway, the dust will always be there but the lego times, watching Spongebob and generally having fun will eventually fade so i know what I am concentrating on right now!