Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday Morning Reads 26/08


Waking up this morning to gorgeous clear skies and sun streaming through the curtains was delicious!

Mugs of coffee and breakfast have been consumed and work on finishing the binding on my bright quilt has resumed - only one more side to go...

Here are a couple of wonderful blogs I have discovered to give you inspiration this morning:

The first is Kiss Kiss Quilt, a blog all about quilting, fabrics and sewing projects.

Nicke's blog is collection of tutorials, glimpses of her current projects and tutorials. I love visiting other quilters and finding out what they have been working on. I also like discovering that I am not alone in my life stopping me getting everything done to deadlines - see Nicke's most recent post!

Next is Film in the Fridge is a website full of tutorials, quilts and clothing! It is a fabulous website with an abundance of ideas, fabric and scrummy photos!

In fact there are so many gorgeous things to look at it, may require more than one mug of tea! I really enjoyed checking out the numerous quilts and the current Friday Stash is gorgeous... just off to check out Denyse Schmidt at Fat Quarterly Shop

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