Friday, 3 August 2012

Free Motion Quilting Lessons

As I said yesterday, machine quilting with a walking foot was an elusive skill. It frightened me, free motion quilting was way to scary to even contemplate!

My machine quilting was kicked started by my lovely mini monster requesting a patchwork quilt of his own. It has started a new obsession with all things machine quilting - it is really addictive once you get past the fear factor!

Yesterday I came across this amazing blog by Leah Day:

The Free Motion Quilting Project

Leah started an amazing journey in free motion by quilting 365, 4 inch squares each with a different design.

Each design comes complete with a video to show you how to get started and tips on how to complete the design.

For me this is made all the more perfect because she has divided all of the blocks into difficulty. The beginners page has an amazing array of patterns. After watching a few videos I feel confident to give the designs a go.... I even even sorted out some cotton to get my own blocks ready for practising!

Every Thursday Leah has a question blog, so you can email her your question about quilting and she will answer them on the blog - perfect!

So the next stage of machine quilting starts next week!

Happy quilting!


  1. Leah Day is amazing... when you see what she can do with thread it gets to be unbelievable.... and the video's make it all look so easy. Good luck with following along.

  2. I know! Everything she does looks soooooo easy! Just going to give it a go and see what happens!