Friday, 17 August 2012

New Machine...

I love my Elna... she is my first baby.

But she is 12 years old and although she has never let me down, I am thinking about getting a machine with a long arm.

I need some help deciding...

I like Janome machines - I had one on loan for a few months and it was lush!

Image from

The the 1600P QC looks good... it seems to do everything a quilter needs it to do, but I can't find any reviews on blogs....

The ultimate from Janome appears to the Horizon:

But at £1800 it is hard to justify..

Any thoughts?

I am hoping Janome will have a stand at the Festival of Quilts tomorrow and I can try both machines out... What about other makes?


  1. Looks like Janome have a stand there! Ooo, so lucky to go, too far for me. I'm looking for a machine too, but at the lower end of the market (£100 ish!)

  2. I am sooooooo looking forward to it! It will take me ages to save for either machine, but good to have a target in your sights....