Thursday, 2 August 2012

Trying out new skills...

I have been a quilter for many years, but always had a fear is machine quilting. It was a totally irrational fear, but I know lots of people share.

In January, my youngest son announced that he was the only child in the house without his own quilt. He insisted that his birthday present was a quilt.... not a major problem, except his birthday was 4 weeks away! There was no way I could possibly make a patchwork top and then hand quilt it in 4 weeks!

There was nothing for it, I was going to have machine quilt his present and do it quickly!

He picked his fabrics and we decided on simple circles on a plain background, so the patchwork was simple enough. Then I faced down my fears and free motion quilted the quilt using swirls and stars.

I am very proud of my first attempt, and more importantly, mini monster loved it!

So now I have switched my focus from bags to teaching, I have some time to play with quilting, I am having a go at free motion and straight machine quilting:

I love this quilt and the way that the quilting is making it change and the texture is gaining!

The free motion flowers and a bigger challenge but I am enjoying it:

So the adventure in machine quilting will continue, accompanied by my stack of new quilting books for inspiration and tips!


  1. Beautiful work! Well done...I too have a fear of machine quilting, even though I have successfully machine quilted several table quilts. Maybe it's the size of the quilt that's holding me back...CALIFORNIA KING...on a home machine.

  2. Thank you! Just go for it! It is great fun and very addictive!