Monday, 6 August 2012

What a weekend!

To me, being a parent is about helping my children find their groove in life - helping them to be strong individuals with an equally strong of right and wrong. Helping them explore the world in as many different ways as possible, exposing them to experiences that they will carry with them and that will help to become strong, caring and gorgeous men.

So we do as many different things as I can afford to - and some that I can't. we tramp through Nation Trust Houses, explore local woods and have strong family routines, such as movie night and Christmas Eve supper by candle light!

So when I saw the price of the Olympic tickets I knew there was no way we would be going there. It was all just too much. The next best things was to take them to London during the Games to experience the buzz. Train tickets were bought, a plan was made and off we went!

I can honestly say I don't think the train from Swindon was quite ready for my 3 very excited boys - so sorry to anyone in the carriage with us! As soon as we stepped off the train the boys got the buzz:

They had learnt all about the Olympics at school, so immediately recognised Wenlock and Mandeville!

We headed to the Southbank and saw so many free events, people doing different things - Maxi was captivated by the BMX's performing stunts under the building! After a walk to the Tate Modern and seeing the rings the river, we crossed the 'Harry Potter Bridge' to St Pauls.

The biggest chair ever!

We then headed to Hyde Park to see the Triathlon cyclists. Spotting the countries was great fun! The BT venue in Hyde Park was really good - we saw Bradley Wiggins being interviewed on the main stage, watched the Olympics with people of all nationalities on the big screens and even saw McFly!

It was an amazing day full of experiences and sights the boys will never see again, including seeing Olympiads travelling on the tube in full kit. We spotted some New Zealand, South African and Chinese team mambers -  Priceless!

Continuing along the theme of different experiences - we spent Sunday using knives to make sling shots, tramped through the rain and mud to collect wood for bows and arrows! The Swallows and Amazons course at Prema Arts in Uley was brilliant! The best moment was watching mini walk through mud in his socks because his shoes had got sucked off halfway through!!!!!!

In one weekend we saw the most exciting city on Earth and slurped through the mud in a wood! Possibly the best weekend ever - well until the next one!


  1. What an excellent time you had. Had not thought of doing this myself, just looking around London, as I too was off-put by the price of the tickets.

  2. We had a fab time! I couldn't afford the Olypmics tickets, so a day in London seemed the next best thing. We now have tickets for the Paralympics though!