Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Thinking of unpicking..

I have this quilt, it is a quilt I love and I made in the wake of my second divorce - it is my divorce quilt!

I love the pinks and greens. It was a joy to make as I felt so much stress and worry drifting away every time I sat down to sew.

It is hand quilted, with a sheet for the back and polyester wadding (it was the best I could afford).

I love having it on my bed.

But as my confidence with the sewing machine and machine quilting is growing and I am looking at the quilt in a new light....

There is much potential for adding texture and the Bamboo wadding I use now would make it even more cuddly...

So the question is:

Do I unpick the quilt and redo it?

Have you ever done that?

As your skills change do you change the quilting on a quilt?

All my old quilts I wouldn't dream of changing, but this one I just kinda feel I could explore so much more.....


  1. Hiya - unpick a hand quilted quilt?!?! Personally I wouldn't, although I know exactly what you mean about poly wadding. My daughter's quilt was made with the stuff and the difference in it's drape and feel compared with other quilts is, well, you can imagine. Start planning a whole new quilt - just for lil'ole you! x

    1. I many do!

      It not very heavily hand quilted otherwise I wuldn't consider it at all!

      I will ponder it a bit longer...

  2. I know what you mean Anna. I did unpick my first ever quilt that I made because I knew I could make it better. The result? A box full of 31/2" squares that sat around for ever and eventually got thrown out when we moved house. Looking back I am gutted that I did 't just leave it alone because now I don't have the quilt at all.

    1. That sounds painful!

      It is only loosely hand quiltedso to unpick the quilting and re-quilt it wouldn't be a massive job - just a huge one!


  3. I would just leave it. Remember it for what it did for you. Take stock of what you know now and apply it to the next quilt. Another option is to take some of your machine quilting skills and add them to what you already have. Then it is a combination of both stages in your life.

  4. I'm with Carol on this one. Accept it as it is - a staging post on the journey. (How are the ribs now, by the way?)