Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Free Motion 6 and 7/365

Yesterday I choose my block, Overlapping Arches, and headed out to the studio to sew.

It was late after a very long day of teaching, dentist and grumpy children, so when I got down to quilting I had totally forgotten I wanted to overlap the arches and ended up with just arches...

So this is day 6. I kinda like it. It is very simple to do, but does take practise to keep the stitches even when going over the curves. Looks like lovely fish scales!

Today I re-watched the video and had another go at over lapping the arches:

I prefer the effect of overlapping the arches. The stitch length does vary though, which I have decided will improve the more I work on my free motion quilting.

On a separate note, the gloves are fantastic! I started last night without them by accident and found it all so much harder! So if you are unsure about them, don't be! They make a huge difference!

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