Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Amazing myself..

My life is a juggling act of 3 little boys and 2 ex-husbands.... yeah I know, at 35 I have managed to be married and divorced twice, been bankrupt and been through more ups and downs than a rollercoaster!

So you could say that my self belief is a little bit low sometimes. I take hits from all sides - I either have happy kids and problems with the ex's or happy ex's and unhappy kids... I now keep the kids happy and stable as possible, and let the adults worry about themselves!

Making decisions that effect my little family is so scary, especially when there is no-one to talk to, no back-up. What if I screw it all up and get it all wrong?

I have those thoughts whenever I make a massive decision, but I try to shake it off pretty quickly because my gut has got pretty good instinct and if I follow it things usually work out ok. My gut was screaming out to shut up Funky Diva Designs and yesterday confirmed that I made the right decision!

Yesterday morning I had a meeting at the Brewery Arts Centre in Cirencester. It was my chance to pitch my skills and talent to one of the places I really respect. It is a great space and full of wonderful artists.... I still struggle to see myself as an artist.... so it was realy important to me to get it right...

Well after an hours discussion about my work experience, the classes I have taught and showing them some of my work, I was offered the opportunity to work in three different provisions that the centre co-ordinate:

Workshops on Site - workshops held at the arts centre for fee paying learners (kids and adults)

Working in the Community - working on projects with vulnerable adults in the Cirencester area

Working on School projects - working with schools who attend the centre on day visits teaching sewing to kids.

I was amazed!

Now, the work is subject to people booking courses and it will not be regular to begin with, but it will help me a build a reputation (fingers crossed a good one!) as a sewing teacher in the area.

I am beyond chuffed, but also slightly shocked at how well it all went.

As my dad always emails me: Onwards and Upwards!


  1. Well done on getting the work opportunity.