Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Variety is the Spice of Sewing!

Sewing is a hobby, like many others, that grabs you and holds you fast! One day you are frightened of the sewing machine and the next you have a stash of fabrics that fills a room... even more scraps!

It can be daunting, especially if you are coming as a beginner to the hobby as an adult.

My role as a sewing teacher is varied... I work with keen and confident 10 year old girls, who show no fear, 16 year old veterans who are more unsure, but love the challenge:

My work for Gloucester County Council involves working with adults from all backgrounds. The organisations that approach me want to use crafts to help support adults who have been identified as needing support with confidence and social skills. The aim is to ease them  into a classroom environment without frightening them too much!

Today was no exception. Tenants from the housing association have been offered the chance to learn new skills. I have 5 lovely ladies with varying abilities. They were brought together by one common aim - to learn to use a sewing machine.

2 of the ladies had never used an electric machine - they have hand cranks at home which haven't been used for years.... this is a new one for me! Most people have some experience of electric machines from school, but no experience of sewing machines except of hand crank machines.... Amazing!

The power of 3 hours sewing together in a room of strangers is amazing... they learnt how to set up a machine, played with the controls and made their own pin cushions for use on the course. They all left smiling, happy and with a sparkle... I love seeing that sparkle...

Next week I will have 9 ladies. 9 ladies to pass on some sewing skills to, to guide through the process of measuring, cutting and marking clothing for adding embellishments.

I can't wait!

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