Friday, 21 September 2012

A Great Surprise

Yesterday I wrote about watching for the post box and jumping on the postman to see of he had any parcels. I thought I was in for a long wait and I was unhappily resigned to waiting...

So when my classes were cancelled yesterday I heading into town after the school run to have a coffee in peace - no housework to depress me in the bakers!

When I came back I spied some wonderful packaging from America! Now this parcel was only posted on Saturday... how on earth could it have gotten from the other side of the pond to here in 6 days?????

I have know fabric shops in the UK take twice as long as that to get fabric to me even though I have paid first class postage!

I had wandered back from town cursing myself for not nipping to the toilet before I left the coffee shop (might be a slight overshare there!), but as soon as I spied the parcel all I could think about was ripping it open! (I know you have done the same thing.)

The contents are were just as yummy as the shop pics promised:

Bad picture I know, but I just love the way Fat Quarterly Shop send out their fabric.

I love the Bloggers Choice for this month, but my favourite is Tula Pink's collection:

They are yummy scrummy!

They are for a special quilt that has to be made in the next 5 weeks, so I am hoping the Kona solid I ordered yesterday appears soon so I can get cracking!

Oh and I did remember to have a wee after I had washed all of the fabric and put it in the drier!


  1. Oh jealous! That looks lovely, I'll have to go check out their shop :) what are you going to make?

  2. I have a special persons birthday coming up. So a quilt for them is in order... And yes Fat Quarter Shop is fabulous!

  3. Do you always prewash all your fabrics?? I love both of those bundles. :) so much pretty fabric and so little money. What is a girl to do??

  4. Oooh, looks gorgeous.

  5. Emma, I alays prewash. When I started patchwork it was the norm, colours weren't quite so secure so would run easily. Now it is out of habit, but every so often I will get a fabric that runs, so I am always glad I did prewash them!