Sunday, 23 September 2012

Choosing a design..

At the moment I have 2 quilts for presents that I am working on.

One is really urgent, the other I have a few weeks to get done.

So I have been looking around for quick quilt ideas for the urgent one and found this idea on Film in the Fridge blog:

It is a simply, but gorgeous quilt for a baby that is really eye catching! If you have never visited Film in the Fridge, you are missing out. This blog is packed full of eye candy as well as tips, hints and fabric collections to drool over!

I have a collection of blues left over from the School banner I made over the summer and I bought some Micheal Miller Little Elephants from Eclectic Maker, so I am kinda following the idea above, but with more strips...

The second quilt is for a very special person who means the world to me, so it has to be special. The Tula Pink fabrics that arrived on Thursday are for her quilt and I had been playing around with a snow ball design, with large snow balls, but I have found this one Fresh Lemons website that I love too.

I think Tula Pink's fabulous design would work perfectly with a cream background. The sizes of the blocks mean I can show off the designs perfectly!

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  1. Good luck with your quilts. I really like the blues and orange together, the elephant fabric is adorable. I took a look at Film in the Fridge. Great site, with lots of ideas.