Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wondered why I like grey..

Over the last year or so I have been experimenting with white, cream and grey as background to the quilts I have made.

The white and cream I understand, they make the colours go pop! Combine that with some gorgeous quilting the finished quilt looks amazing!

But I have been puzzled as to why I am drawn to the ash, charcoal and grey. In January and made my littlest monster a quilt with a gorgeous grey from Kona:

Then on Tuesday I was driving to teach in Gloucester and I could see the rain clouds coming on over the Severn from Wales. The view is spectacular in the sunshine, but yesterday there was a fierce grey sky, not a placid grey, but a really grey.

As I drove I realised that all of the colours popped against the grey back drop. The colours of the tops of the trees were vivid, the browns of the fields were richer..

I suddenly realised that I am drawn towards grey as a background because it reflects nature. It can be found as a stunning backdrop on the most of horrible days!

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