Monday, 10 September 2012

Our Olympic Experience

A few weeks ago I posted a blog about our fabulous trip to London to see the city whilst the Olympics were on.

I had been lucky enough to get Tickets for the very last event at the Olympic Park for the Paralympics - 7 a side football.  As a family we were beyond excited. I really believe in giving the boys as many different opportunities as possible, so that see the world differently. We visit National Trust properties, we go for long walks up ancient Barrows and have as many adventures as I can afford.... The Olympics was no different, except it was a once in a life-time adventure...

Our day started very early - 5.45am to be precise - and we left at 6.40am to go to Swindon to get the train into Paddington. Luckily the boys were very excited so didn't mind being dragged out of bed so early!

It amazes me, but 3 hours door to door and we were stood outside the Olympic Park, barely able to stop smiling!

Here is Maxi confidently striding in! The Stadium is HUGE, and an amazing structure, all of the buildings a beautiful to look at.

The boys with a map to make sure we didn't get lost! We had a wandered round and had a little spend in the shop - Wenlocks were a must! Picnic lunch and then we went to meet Mandeville in the Mascot House:

The boys were simply overjoyed!

The Riverside Arena is a temporary structure, but amazing all the same! We watched Brazil play Iran, poor Brazil didn't get a look in as Iran went all out for Bronze.  Then it was Urkraine verses Russia for Gold/Silver. They were so evenly matched that Russia only managed a goal after 44 minutes, so Gold went to them.

Watching a medal ceremony made the end of the day complete!

Our return journey was smooth , but tiring and we hit home at 10pm!

The day was amazing in so many ways, but the ease of all the connections and organistion at the park was fantastic. The Games Makers were smiling, helpful and chatted to the boys all day. They stood doing high fives with them on the 30 minutes walk from the Arena to the entrance which made my job of making them walk after a long day much easier.

It was an amazing dayand I am extremely proud to have been part of it, and to be British!

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