Friday, 28 September 2012


The last 24 hours have been pretty hectic...

My gorgeous eldest son had a interesting rash yesterday morning. I immediately thought allergic reaction and after a quick conversation with his dad, we realised it was the second reaction - the first happened on Wednesday morning.

So Piriton went in and a quick visit to the local minor injuries unit. They said it was a viral rash. Nothing to worry about.... but he wasn't ill, he had no temperature and no swollen glands.... I was not convinced!

The Piriton worked really well and the rash disappeared... Then at 3.30pm the rash re-appeared. I thought OK, it's 6 hours later lets give him some more Piriton. This time it didn't touch the rash, in fact his lips started to swell!

So off to A & E we went. They were stumped. No cause for the allergic reaction - they confirmed it wasn't a viral rash. They have resorted to the fall back position of if in doubt use steroids.

We came home just as he was going into wave 4 of reaction - the rash was rushing back into his body and I have kept a close eye on lips and breathing during the night...

He is doing OK, but is totally covered in angry red patches...

The thing about emergencies when you are lone parent is that they are pretty lonely affairs. Every parent feels anguish when things like these happen, but if you are in a partnership you have someone to turn to. Someone to bounce the anguish and organisation off.

When it is you trying to juggle the children and make decisions for the best, there is no-one to bounce off. My closest family is 3 hours away. I do have 2 ex-husbands... one is around and supportive with his son, the other.... but talking to them is hard - they are an ex for a reason!

So my friends are my safety net. They are amazing families around us who support us no matter what. Last night my younger 2 went to different houses to play. I collected mini as I knew he would wake frightened in another house. Rocking up at 10pm I was met with a huge hug from my friends husband just to say everything is OK....

It was the best thing he could have done.

With no partner hugs are pretty thin on the ground... celebratory hugs, had a crap day hugs, god that was scary hugs... they don't really exist. Those hugs at the end of the day that say everything is OK... I miss those the most...

But I do have amazing friends and their husbands who make sure me and my boys are safe - I have one who phones me to tell me off if I am dithering over a decision!

And yes they do give me a hug when things are crap and for that I will be forever grateful x


  1. Oh, the importance of hugs! The last time I was hugged was in April & it could be next April before I'm hugged again. I am very glad you have people around you who care & are there when sh1t happens. I really hope maxi recovers quickly & there's no need for more hospital trips. At least not for a long time, never say never when you have children I suppose. Sending you a huge cyber hug.

  2. A big cyber hug from me too. It's so hard being a single parent - I did it for over 10 years with four children and friends are so important at all times but especially in emergencies. Hope all is well again very soon x
    (PS - found you via Make and Craft)

  3. Hope things go ok for you. It's never easy being a parent, and having friends to turn to helps immensely. Take care x