Saturday, 8 September 2012

Letting people down..

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Earlier this week I had to let someone down... I hate letting people down...

I had booked a one-to-one teaching session with someone booked in, but then a local housing authority followed up a teaching request that clashed with the private lesson..

I love teaching one-to-ones. You get to know the person and you can pass on so many tips during the lesson. But they are just one offs.

The courses for the local authorities are 8/9 weeks long, at a good hourly rate and lead to more work....

So unfortunately I had to email the lady concerned and suggest another day... but she can't do it...

I do feel guilty, I do worry about letting her down.

But I have to think about the bigger picture. Each time I teach I get a phone call from another housing association saying they have heard about my teaching and would I run a course for them... it all adds up to a lot of varied and interesting work, but it does mean my schedule is packed out. Fitting in one-to-one lessons is quite hard.

This term I am teaching in Cheltenham on a Monday, Gloucester on a Tuesday, Tewksbury on a Wednesday and at home on a Thursday.. That is miles of driving and hours of prep, before I even start teaching....

I know it is the right decision, but I still worry about letting people down.....

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  1. Hi Anna, you can't do it all and I understand the guilt you are feeling. Whilst you might enjoy the one to ones, you are touching so many more people and passing those skills on to many others with your other work. I know it is hard, but hang in there and think of all the good you are doing through inspiring others, raising their self esteem and teaching them a new skill - oh, and raising your beautiful boys and running a household too.

    Happy stitching!

    Alison xx