Sunday, 2 September 2012

Getting inspiration..

Quilting along the Grain is a pretty new blog - it follows on from the end of funky diva designs, my bag making business - and as such I am still working into a groove.  It is taking a while to work my style and what I want to say...

FDD had a blog, but that was all about designing, making and selling bags. When a personal or quilt post crept in I always felt kinda guilty! This blog is the opposite, it is about creating, sharing tips and logging my growth as a quilter, mother and teacher..... but old habits are proving hard to break!

Yesterday whilst looking after a poorly mini monster I grabbed a mug of coffee and surfed some of my favourite blogs. They are mixture of quilt and sewing blogs, as you would expect! As I read through all of the latest posts and grew jealous at the fabric people have been buying, I came across Stitched in Color's older post about change.

At the end of last year Rachel shut her business and started on her quilting journey full time. Her blog is a fabulous riot of colour, insights into her life and absolutely amazing quilts! This blog post at the end of 2011 struck a cord.

She talks about the the changes she has made and about her blog and why she is driven to write it. Do you write for an audience or for you?

On my previous blog I wrote to show people my work and hopefully get sales. I kinda wrote for an audience - at least some of the time. This blog is not aimed at selling anything, it is just to share my journey, which is a shift from for an audience to writing for me.

That shift is huge!

It is hard shift to make, to be able to relax and just blog my own thoughts, achievements and creations is strangely stressful! Kinda like having the kids home all day and after they all tucked up in bed you find yourself still watching kids TV....

As you can see I am still working the balance out, and it may take quite a bit longer!

In the meantime, here is a my gorgeous bright new quilt:

Which was quickly stolen and used during lunch:
Pesky monsters!


  1. Lol! Kids have no respect for the amount of work and time that goes into our work!

    I have slaved over quilted throws and cushions but they all end up on the floor as part of a tent or as picnic blankets. I particularly appreciate it when they colour in with felt tip pens while sitting on a 20 hour quilt. I suppose the stains add character.

    It shows they like them I suppose!

    1. I know!

      I love that they love them, just not my brand new quilt!

  2. I am honored to be mentioned and to hear that I've inspired you. Thanks for linking to that post because it was good for ME to read it again. What a busy year this has been already! Many blessings to you on your journey with this new blog.

    1. Thank you Rachel!

      I love your blog!