Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Today my world changes

Today my world changes forever...

My youngest, the baby of our little family starts school.

He is 4 1/2, 6 3/4 as he likes to tell me and a confident happy little boy.

Cheeky and mischievous in ways I never thought we possible, and totally gorgeous!

He has been going to nursery so I could run my business and teach for quite a while, but school is a big step... it changes everything... he will become more independent, more boisterous (not sure this is possible!) and more just a little bit further away from me....

He was just 10 months old when my marriage came to a abrupt end on New Years Day 2009. I will never forget holding him tight in my arms as I watched my life change forever, as his father packed his bags and did a little jig of joy as he walked away from his 3 boys and me.

We have been through so many adventures since then. We have camped.

Tried to not trash National Trust Houses, run through the woods.

Read books and snuggled down to watch films....

He is my little ginger fire rocket, with a huge heart and even more spirit.

I am so excited about his starting his next journey, all the discoveries he will make, the new skills he will learn, the world that will open up to him when he learns to read.... but I am also a bit sad to see him go...

This morning I will hold his hand and hold him close before letting him enter his new world, knowing I have helped him to be confident enough to step into the unknown with a grin on his gorgeous face!


  1. awww, how sweet! I'm sure he'll have tons to tell you when he gets home later! ;)

  2. What a happy/sad day. They grow up so fast!

  3. My first starts school today - he is so excited but for me it is a huge change. Making me put everything into perspective! I hope your little fella has a great time and enjoys his new adventures! xx