Monday, 17 December 2012

A Special Delivery

If you have been following my blog over the last few weeks you will know that I have been working hard on a gorgous Tula Pink quilt for a very special friend.

I has been a long 8 weeks with lots of late night quilting!

We went to a family party at the recipients house this weekend and I needed to make sure the quilt was finished by then - I wasn't going to trust the post with this precious quilt!

Unfortunately my manic week of work and being a Scout leader had finally got me and I gave up attaching the binding in favour of sleep, so the quilt wasn't quite finished when I presented it to her on Saturday afternoon...

I have to admit I felt very nervous driving up. Her mum and I had selected the fabric and I had put the design together, so Lily didn't have any input into the quilt at all... it is an 18th birthday present, what if I had screwed it up?

Luckily she absolutely loved it! The huge smile and look of wonder in her eyes told me it was fine!

So we partied on Saturday night and I got up super early on Sunday (the monsters dragged me out of bed at 5.50am after going to bed at 1.30am!) to finish the quilt binding for her:

The best bit about finishing and gifting a quilt is seeing it being used! Lily has already had a snooze under it and as you can see it is already part of the household!
Lilys sisters have now booked their colours for their 18th birthday presents in 2014... 2 quilts for the gorgeous twins!

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