Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Sew Solids Crew

I have a steadily growing bundle of Kona Solids thanks to the lovely Justine from Simply Solids!

Justine has recently taken over Simply Solids and is doing a fantastic job of getting in gorgeous fabrics and new colours! There are so many to choose from on the Kona palette and Simply Solids has a wonderful selection. My lasted bundle is this one:

The colours are so vibrant and fresh... Here is my complete collection:

Oh and I have some white and cream in the stash somewhere too....

Don't they look yummy?

Last week Simply Solids started a new Stash Club. A Stash Club for those who don't know is a monthly club where the shop open puts together a bundle of fabrics and sends them out to you. The beauty of it is that you get colours/prints/textures you might not have chosen for yourself. It pushes you out of your comfort zone and straight into the unknown.... which is good for everybody right?

The Simply Solids Stash Club is based on a different colour each month, so for December it will be purple - a colour I don't buy much. Justine has given us a very handy colour wheel so we can keep track of the colours.

So it was an automatic yes to the Stash Club! I want to expand my solids collection and be able to dip in whenever I need to use solid colour in my quilts. I choose the 3 half metres and month, just because half metres give you so much possibility, but you can sign up for 3 fat quarters, 6 fat quarters and even 6 half metres...

GO check it out!


  1. Anna if you cant find your stuff ,you have way to much and should give it to me lol joking .Im so proud of the cushion you helped me create .

  2. So glad you like it! It is gorgeous!

    And NO, I don't share my fabric!