Sunday, 9 December 2012

Quilting for the Boys

My eldest son has reached the age of 10 1/2and seems very old! He has a fish tank quilt from when he was 4/5, which is no longer cool! (I did catch him snuggled under it the other day though!)

So it is clearly time to make him a new quilt - any old excuse to go fabric shopping!

Over the summer we hunted through the online shops I like and looked at all sorts of blogs for fabric inspiration. I love the new Parsons Gray range, like this bundle from Eclectic Maker, but he thought it was too old!

He was right, but I did get this sinking feeling that we were going to get stuck choosing fabric!

Then we saw the gorgeous range from designer Jessica Hogarth, Velocity. I first saw it at the Festival of Quilts on the fabulous Backstitch stall - I love Alice's shop! So I bought some from the range and bought it home for him to check out!

We had found a winner!

He loves the deep blues, oranges and shapes... so we bought a bundle with the entire collection from Alice and then last week I found the missing piece from the range at The Village Haberdashery:

We have decided to use a pattern in Quilting Modern by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen which has off centre blocks and curvy waves:

I discovered this week that 2 Kona Solids, Tangerine and Glacier, co-ordinate beautifully with the designs so more of those have been ordered from Simply Solids to break up the pattern.


So this is the project over the Christmas break.... I try to make a quilt every Christmas break and this year it is for my gorgeous big boy!

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  1. Wow, I love the colours and designs!, what a lucky boy!