Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Coming to the end....

Yesterday I finished a course in Gloucester with a lovely bunch of ladies.  I have been working with them since the middle of August, first on adapting clothing and then on home textiles.

They have spent Tuesday mornings sewing together, learning new skills and making friendships.
They were a varied group - as all my groups are - of people on low incomes, people lacking self confidence and learning difficulties. They were such a lovely group!

5 women started as strangers and have left me with a whole raft of new skills, bundles of self confidence and friendships that have extended  to taking trips out together. For women who have all the issues above I would say that is a job well done!

Yesterday I got them to bring everything they had made on the home textiles course with me, and I thought you might like to see!

We made funky chickens, pin cushions, peg bags, cushion covers, door stops and patchwork placemats!

I am extremely proud of these ladies and everything they have achieved both in terms of sewing and their new found friendships.

And I will miss them on Tuesday mornings... it was hard to say good bye....

Today is another goodbye to a group in Tewkesbury that I have been working with for 8 weeks.....

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