Sunday, 30 December 2012

Trying some Little Stitches

I have never really tried embroidery, I have done bits and bobs when teaching children to sew, but I haven't actually had a go at a pattern.

When I saw Aneela Hoeys new book Little Stitches a few months ago I thought it would make a wonderful present from Santa - he is a very generous man you know!

The cover is gorgeous and the ideas and patterns are well laid out and oh so pretty!

Luckily because I had asked Santa for the book I knew I would need a couple of hoops and fabric is never a problem in my house I was able to have a go at on of the designs on Christmas Day whilst the boys played - bonus of no family nearby is ability to spend Christmas Day doing nothing!

I made the gorgeous girl in on the rain, with her umbrella, but I changed the colour of the jumper and skirt to match my room:

I really enjoyed sitting and stitching. It is so much more sociable than using a sewing machine, so I was able to stitch and chat to the boys at the same time - I find I can get away with a lot more crafting if I juggle those two skills!

I then made the panel into a cushion for my room using Aneela's fabric range for Moda, Sew Stitchy, a bundle of which arrived last Saturday!

I backed it with some Olive Green from my Kona solids stash and it now sits on my bed in pride of place!

The boys have now put in requests for blue versions for their room!

I can see a a few more of these patterns being made up in the very near future!

PS You can order Aneela's book from a fabulous local Indie bookshops like The Yellow Lighted Bookshop. I always buy my books from them!

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