Thursday, 27 December 2012

Boxing Day Quilt

It has become a tradition that I sit and sew a new quilt on Boxing day. The last 2 Christmases all of the boys have gone to visit their fathers for Boxing Day so I have a peaceful house to sew in. This year mini and midi aren't able to see their father so it was sewing with kids!

I mentioned before that maxi, being 10 years old, felt a fish tank quilt was too babyish and he had selected the fabulous Velocity collection by Jessica Hogarth for a new quilt - that was way back in the summer.

So yesterday I set up in the kitchen, sewing machine, cutting mat and iron...

The starting point for the design was this quilt in Quilting Modern by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen which has off centre blocks and curvy waves:

I had never sewn curves before, so whilst I was keen to give the design a try, the curves did kind of intimidate me! 
Luckily the book has a really good techniques section for each design, so I sat a read through it a few times and tried it on some scraps. Then I took the plunge!
It's not too hard, but it is fiddly and you do need to concentrate whilst cutting - que shouts of please leave mummy alone for 5 minutes!
I am pretty pleased with the curves, the first one is slightly dodgy though!
I decided to build the quilt as I went, so added a column at a time and then hung it up to think about the next one. No design wall in the house so a door had to do!
It grew really quickly and I love the bright colours of Tangerine and Glacier from Kona Solids, I got mine from Simply Solids.
The finished quilt has curves on the top and bottom - the top one is very wavy!

I am pretty pleased with my first attempt at curves.

I did discover a problem with edge on the left hand side, which isn't straight so will have to be sorted before I add a border.

Maxi hasn't been home so he hasn't seen it yet, I am hoping he will love it too!

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