Monday, 8 October 2012

Experimenting with hexagons!

I have been steadily working on my HexyMF - work commitments and children who insist on scaring their mother with trips to the A & E have made my progress slow down..

But I did have a birthday present to make for one of my closest friends. Liz is a an amazing friend. She has been there to listen and gives out most amazing hugs... at a moments notice she has taken the boys if there has been an emergency. Without her and another couple of people we would have been in the muck more than once!

So what to make her....

Her living room has lilac and green curtains... I had an idea late one evening of using the lilac colourway of Katherine's Wheel by Nel Whatmore that I had bought last month to make her a cushion cover...

A few weeks ago I bought the wonderful book Hexa-Go-Go by Tacha Bruecher. As an EPP novice I wanted to explore the idea of hexagons more and Tacha's book is perfect. It is chockablock full of designs and ideas that use hexagons and EPP to the max - I really recommend it!

So I cut out the hexagons and put together a  design:

I backed the hexagons with cream and set about free motion quilting the negative space:
I didn't have any cream Aurifil so I used aluminium instead that give the quilting a silver appearance which worked really well!

I love the finished cushion, and luckily so did Liz!

PS Sorry about the bad photography - late nights sewing and forgetting my digital camera batteries!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It was a joy to make and give. I have plans for more as Christmas Presents!

  2. Love reading about your quilting adventures and the boys! It will be years until I finish Hexy MF.

    1. My Hexy MF is slowly growing. Got a very special quilt to finish first though!