Thursday, 11 October 2012

Make me a Pretty Purse

Make me a Pretty Purse


Instructions for making a pretty purse.

Here are the instructions for making a simple, but pretty little purse! Perfect as gifts!



100% cotton for outer and lining

Heavy sew-in and woven iron-on interfacing

6” zipper

6” ribbon/ric rac



Pre-cut Pieces:


4 rectangles 5.5” high by 6” wide – 2 for the lining and 2 for the outer fabric.
4 rectangles 5.5” by 6” – 2 from the sew-in interfacing and 2 from the iron-on interfacing.
Sewing instructions:

Seam allowance: 1/2” unless otherwise stated.

Step 1:
Zigzag stitch over the end of the zip to keep the zip closed whilst you make the purse.


Step 2:
Iron the iron-on interfacing on the wrong
sides of the out fabrics and pin
the sew-in interfacing onto the wrong
side too.
Step 3:
Take one of the outer fabrics and place
it right side up. Put the ribbon 1.5”
down from the long edge, pin and
then stitch in place.
Step 4:
Mark the middle of the ribbon/ ric rac and sew the button into over the mark you have made.
This is now the front of your purse.




Step 5:
Place one of the lining pieces
right side up and place the zip
along the 6” edge, matching
the edges (1).
Step 6:
Place the front outer piece that
you just decorated with the
ribbon/ ric rac right side down
onto the zipper and pin in
place (2), sandwiching the
zipper in between the 2 pieces
of fabric.

Step 7:
Sew along the edge using a zipper foot,
taking care to not sew too close
to the zipper teeth.


Step 8:
Iron the front and back pieces of the
purse away from the zipper.
Take care to not iron the zip, the plastic
will melt!

Step 9:
To complete the other side of the purse, place the outer fabric right side up (make sure the sew in interfacing is underneath the outer fabric piece).
Place the zipper teeth down so that the outer fabrics are right sides together. Place the right side of the lining fabric on top of the zipper, making sure all the seams match, pin.
Stitch along the edge again, using a zipper foot and taking care not to sew too close to the zipper teeth.


Step 10:
Press the outer and lining fabrics away
from the zipper.
Open the zipper before starting the
next step, otherwise you will not be
able to pull the purse through to the
right side.
Step 11:
Fold the purse over along the zipper and match the right sides of the purse outer and lining.
Fold the zipper towards the lining and pin in place at either end.  Pin around the edge and stitch, starting in the lining. Make sure you leave a gap in the lining by finishing 2” in the bottom of the lining so you can pull the purse through to right side out.


Step 12:
Trim and the corners of the purse
once you have sewn around the
purse.  This will give you neater corners.
Step 13:
Once you have trimmed the corners, trim the ends of the zipper.
Then pull the outer part of the purse out through the gap in the lining.

Step 14:

Press the lining and sew along the



Push the lining into the outer fabric and your purse is finished!

I hope you like the instructions!

Please feel free to use the instructions, but remember to give credit to this blog.


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