Friday, 26 October 2012

Making changes!

The last few days have been quite exciting!

Through my lovely friend Abi at Sew You - she makes amazing bunting - I discovered I could hire Janome sewing machines for a small amount each month. She gave me the contact and suggested I get in touch with them.

Up until this point I have been teaching sewing on Brother machines that I had bought when I started teaching. As you can imagine, starting a new business meant money was tight so I bought affordable, beginners machines. They have worked really well. They are hard working machines, but I ended up with 4 different machine so each learner would need support in using the machine in front of them. Bit of a pain..

So when Abi suggested the hire scheme I thought I would apply and see if I could get 5 machines of the same spec for my classes to make teaching easier.

Luckily my classes all over the county and work for Adult Education qualified me to be part of the rental scheme! So today I am expecting delivery of 5 brand new Janome machines:

The CXL301 is a gorgeous machine with computerised settings, drop needle facility and a hos tof other scrummy features!

I will also be listed on the Janome website as a tutor, so people searching for private lessons will know that they have good quality machines to work on and, of course, fabulous teaching!

So very exciting!
Ps Despite some comments made by friends 17 sewing machines is not obsessive, it means I appreciate the beauty of sewing machines........ and I am sticking with that argument! 

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