Friday, 19 October 2012

Getting all Scrappy!

I am having so much fun making the Snowball quilt top for my lovely friends birthday - not quite going to be able to deliver the quilt for her actual birthday, which I hope she will understand!

It is coming together so well and looks so pretty...

The only problems is the triangles you have to take out of the corners of the block. Tula Pink's designs are scrummy and every single piece of her fabulous fabric is precious... so I have been collecting the triangles in a bag.

I have been planning a new quilt in my sleep and taking inspiration from a quilt in the fabulous Sunday Morning Quilts book:

This book is solely responsible for me now refusing to throw out any fabric at all! I have stashing of colours slowly building to make gorgeous scrap quilts!

The quilt I am taking inspiration from is the Ticker Tape quilt:

No obviously scraps are all triangles, which means I can play around with designs. The idea that has stuck with me is a flying trail of triangles:

Please excuse the none ironed background fabric - I lay out between sewing classes yesterday!

It is a quilt as you go project - attaching the triangles to a quilt sandwich which will make a quick ish project! The question is the backing.... waiting for teaching and supplies invoices to be paid means I am slightly broke, so the backing needs to come out of my stash... I have found the like light brown that I thing goes with the greens and purples of the triangles..

What do you think? Have you ever backed a quilt in brown?


  1. I've been eyeing up that book for some time, it looks fabulous! you may have just tempted me :)
    Jessie, xo

  2. It is great and the authors blog is fabulous too!