Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The plan!

It is half term week here in Gloucestershire - and most of the UK - so that means kids at home and little teaching.

I only have 2 days teaching booked in this week. Yesterday on Gloucester was a complete shambles. I turned up with all my kit and the hall was being used as a dumping ground whilst another room in the building was being carpeted. I picked my way through the crap and managed to organise a small space to welcome new learners into, but there were kids running around, music from the painters blaring and just chaos... not my idea of a safe learning environment. So we completed paperwork, set ground rules and chatted about the course objectives.

The good thing about it was that my lovely ladies were relaxed and chatted. Turns out my course gives them a reason to get out of their nighties and do something. It will be a great course with lots of giggles!

So apart from that and a couple of private lesson tomorrow this week is quiet... until I think about the planning...

Next week I start 2 new courses.

Monday is in a drop in centre for people with mental health issues. I have met them and they are a lovely bunch, but it is going to be very different. It has taken some thought to devise projects that fit their ideas - which were numerous and exciting - into lessons that are safe for all concerned. No iron, no rotary cutters and no stress...

I think I have got there, just the SOW and lesson plans to write now!

Tuesday is Gloucester again with my lovely ladies and Wednesday is Tewkesbury with my group of mum who are funny and put up with my jokes! Thursday is private lessons here.

Friday is another new group.  Another day centre, but this time working with women recently released from prison. We are going to be making patchwork and using that process to build relationships and confidence. The planning for this one has a different direction again. These learners will be inconsistent in attendance and actually staying in the class. They also have a tendency to try and remove items... a sewing machine is visible under a coat, other smaller items will need to be monitored, especially rotary cutters... so it presents another challenge.

Add to this Cubs and Beaver Scouts and you get a heady mix of ages, challenges and fun!

Would I go back to the made Christmas rush and craft fairs of last year?

No.... absolutely not. My days are varied (the paperwork stinks!) and I am challenged everyday.... might need intravenous coffee though!


  1. Gosh you are one busy lady!
    My children have all grown up so I never know when halfterm is!!

  2. Yes Gill, sorry that is why the post office has evaded me! Planning a trip tomorrow with your prize. x

  3. Hey Anna ,thanks for emailing me and i know you have been busy but looking forward to seeing you on wednesday .