Thursday, 11 October 2012

Little Elephants

Last week I finished my blue elephants quilt for the son of my lovely friend Liz. It was a first birthday present for him.

It is a really simple design, taking inspiration from Film is in the Fridge blog. It is strips of blue matched with gorgeous little elephant fabric...  I love those little elephants!

It is the second time I have free motioned a quilt from start to finish - the first time as back in February for mini. I used my Craftsy class by Angela Walters to improve my quilting skills. The back looks just as lovely as the front:

I used pebbles on the solid blue strips:

Angela recommends using a pen and paper to sketch out the quilt design. Really helps to think ahead when you are actually quilting.

The texture was great! It made it feel gorgeous!

I decided to use the figure of eight pattern on the border... this one needs some more work, but I did enjoy giving it a go!

I really loved making this quilt and trying out new techniques.... just need to find another small child I can make another one for!

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