Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Secret Stash....

My studio is not only my personal workspace, it is also my teaching space for private lessons. I have an abundance of fat quarters, upholstery weight fabrics and other supplies for sewing classes I teach here and all around the county.

But on the top shelf I have a huge basket full of the fabrics that I have squirrelled away, safe from my lovely students who are occasionally given a peek into the delights I have hidden away.

There are prints from Sweet Water:

Some Flea Market:

And this gorgeous bundle from Backstitch:

There are metres of solids, mixed with bits and bobs of fabrics that I just don't want anyone else to use...

I do get my basket down and stroke the fabrics, plotting projects, but I still haven't quite got the designs fixed in my head. Until I do there is no point in cutting into this secret stash..

I would love to see other peoples secret stash of fabrics, what do you have hidden away?

1 comment:

  1. I understand the wonder of your secret stash! I love to stare at and touch the fabrics. Open them up, and fold away carefully. Trying out different colour ways. Then gradually a picture/idea forms, the stash is no longer just a thought, but an idea to be made. Then it's time to build up a new stash!