Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Perfecting the Colours

I don't know about you, but when the weather closes in and the nights get darker at 4pm, I feel drawn to my quilts, mugs of coffee reading and quilt design.

Autumn is my favourite season - the colours are vivid and the wind seems to blow the old out to make way for the new. The leaves are amazing colours, and as I drive all over teaching I get to see the landscape shifting in colour.

From the vibrant reds and yellows, to the gorgeous dark browns of the fields being churned - today the road was covered in mud, so the car has that rich brown colour - there is so much to see and process.

I have an urge to translate all of the colour richness into a quilt, but how do I achieve the colours with out creating a washed out, brown quilt?

One way I have discovered is this fantastic website called Design Seeds.

Designs Seeds is an amazing tool that breaks images down into colours. Each image has 5/6 colour shades next to it so you can see how the colours work together to create amazing images:

This is perfect to describe the colours that I see around me. This tool is fantastic for quilters to reflect the colours around us into fabric colour choices for a quilt. By matching the fabrics to these tones, I will know that the finished quilt has more chance of representing the world around me, than coming out a brown sludge!

My favourite this week has been:

I am not normally drawn to the these colours, but they are just gorgeous together!

So go check out Design Seeds, their images are gorgeous!

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  1. Hey Anna they do look good together .Thanks so much for class today in Tewkesbury .Thanks for your patience x