Thursday, 1 November 2012

Talking Colour Value

Yesterday I showed you the the wonderful website, Design Seeds, that breaks down the colours in images, which is a great tool for quilt maker and designers.

Value Added

Another exciting idea in quilt design is Colour Value. I am still trying to get my head around it, but there are a series of blogs that I have found that are working through just what colour value of fabric is and how to use it in quilt design

It all started with Stitched in Colour and her wonderful introduction called Value Added.

I love this blog and this series of blog about colour value has been really inspiring and has got me thinking about colours in my design. The great thing is that the series has introduced me to more amazing blogs:

Where the Orchids Grow is a fabulous blog full of gorgeous quilts and images.. This one about Understanding Value is fantastic and really helped me to understand more about process of colour and the choices I make.

Bad Skirt is another blog in the group that I have admired for a while. This pattern explaining colour value is gorgeous.

The last blog in group is Blue Elephant Stitches. There is an amazing post about Value Dynamics that I plan on spending more time on!

Each of the bloggers have been extremely generous and written quilt patterns that are easy to follow and show just how the Colour Value makes a difference in quilting. Together these 4 blogs are amazing resources for the quilting community.

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