Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Thinking on my feet...

Yesterday I had one of those awful moments of realisation that I had forgotten some essential supplies..

Having spent Sunday evening and Monday morning cutting fabric panels and wadding for quilt as you go place mats with my Monday class I had then proceeded to leave them on the desk in the studio...

Not that helpful when I had driven 45 minutes to the class!

The class has quite specific needs that have been covered in the risk assessment and rotary cutters and irons have been removed from the planning to safe guard the learners... hence the quilt as you go approach...

I did however have the fabric strips I had cut for the class, so we set about arranging the fabrics into designs for the top of the place mats:

Then came the bit I was dreading: sewing the strips together:

But because of the slow feature on the new machines, the class were able to set them at a speed they were comfortable with, and although the seams weren't perfect they were pretty good!

So a panic was averted and the need to keep the activity fun, but low risk was met.

Most importantly the group were able to work at their own pace to piece the strips that will form the top of their place mats - a pretty col achievement since 3 of them hadn't used a sewing machine before!

And yes, next week I will remember the wadding and backing I had forgotten!

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