Friday, 16 November 2012

Designing and Sewing Day

My weeks at the moment have turned very busy with 4 groups across the county.

The classes vary in abilities, social skills and life styles. Each one is different and each one has it's own challenges, but all of them are fun!

Today is my one day a week at home when the boys are in school and I can play with designs and ideas in between private lessons.

So today I need to think about a quilt for my 5 week course in March... I have these scrummy fabrics lined up:

Pic courtesy of M is for Make
 Along with some serious amounts of orange and grey solids from Simply Solids.

The challenge is to design blocks that will teach the learners new techniques. 5 weeks is a short time to learn all about patchwork and quilting so I need to be quick and snappy so that learners can get a taste of patchwork skills and have a go at some quilting...

With me so far?

So..... breaking the 5 weeks down into a schedules is the starting point:

Week 1: Introduction, cutting and piecing: squares and half square triangles

Week 2: Sewing it all together to make a quilt top.

Week 3: Putting backing, wadding and front together.

Week 4: Quilting using a walking foot.

Week 5: Binding

This is a rough guide and it is part of the course that 'homework' is done in between classes. So if people want to make a bigger than laptop size quilt then it needs more homework! Equally people who have not time outside class with have a smaller quilt..

So I need to make a demonstration quilt - it is a hardship I know - that will show the learners what they are working towards.

I plan on starting this afternoon between my morning class and the school pick-up and after school club!

Wish me luck!

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