Monday, 5 November 2012

Using pliers...

I have been following Leah Day since I found her blog earlier in the summer, I have used her wonderful blog to practice free motion quilting. Her designs are so imspirational.

So when I found out the folk at Craftsy had recruited her to teach a quilting class, and I could get it 50% off because I already have classes there, it was an immediate decision to enrol!

I have watched the first couple of lessons and she talks about adapting your free motion foot so it works better on your machine.....

The suggestion she makes is pretty drastic, but I decided it was worth a go - plus I have another foot in the post if it back fires on me!

So I set to the foot with pliers and an elastic band to adjust it as she suggests.

She actually has a video of it posted on You Tube from a while ago, so I thought I would share it with you.

In all honesty I was nervous about making the changes, but it has meant the machine is quiter and the foot now just glides over the surface of the quilt whilst I work. It has also taken a little bit of playing with the height of the foot and the tension on the machine, but I do like how the quilt glides under the foot...

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