Thursday, 8 November 2012

Taking the plunge!

On Monday driving back from my course in Cheltenham, I decided that I had done enough thinking about the fabulous bundle from M is for Make and it was time to buy it!

It arrived yesterday whilst I was home with a sick middle monster - an advantage to being home with a sick child!

The fabrics are as vibrant as I thought they would be! The combination is scrummy!

I love the orange just as much as I thought I would and my first piece of chevron is fabulous - I might need more in my life....

I will admit that things have been a bit tough here for a week or so - sole parenting can be challenging sometimes - and buying the bundle was a bit of retail therapy. My fabric is only for me, it is my thing that allows me to have something private in a life driven by the needs of my 3 boys.

Even so, deciding to buy fabric when money is tight is a big decision. I buy stuff for work, it is part of my job to have all the supplies and fabrics I need for a course, but buying for my secret stash is very self indulgent. It means I take ages to gaze at fabrics before I take the plunge and purchase them, but when they arrive they give me such joy and pleasure they are worth the money.

They give me some space to plan a new project, the excitement of sewing and most importantly, they give me something that is mine - all mine......

How do you decide whether or not to buy fabric?

(I also bought some Flea Markey Legacy in the sale too...)

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