Monday, 19 November 2012

Going HST Crazy

Part of preparing for my 5 week course at Prema Arts, Uley in March has prompted me to think about the skills I can teach in 5 short weeks...

5 weeks is not a long time, and people will come wanting to get all the knowledge they possibly can about quilts. You simply can not get it packed into 5 weeks... but you can give them skills they can build on...

This is where the HST - Half Square Triangles - come in. They are great because you cut squares (learn rotary cutting skills), you sew along straight line (helps learn accuracy) and it gives you a shape that is soooooo versatile!

Here are a few of the designs I have put together just playing with HST I have made:




These are just a few of the ways you can pay them out. As you can see they are a good choice to give the learners skills and design decisions!

As my middle son just pointed out, "there are millions of ways you could lay them out mummy!" So show me your HST patchwork please!

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