Tuesday, 20 November 2012

FMQ on the edge..

Yesterday was a manic day - today isn't much better!

I taught in Cheltenham and it was my last session with a lovely group of people with mental health issues. Unfortunately 2 of the group couldn't come so it was a small quiet morning with only 2 learners. I will miss them...

I dashed back and started getting ready for a pampered ladies evening at the boys school. Loads of yummy stalls and beauty therapies for the mums. I took along the Janome's to show case what I do and let people overcome that initial 'I can't sew' feeling!

I had a fab corner in the hall with climbing bar - perfect for hanging quilts on! So with 2 sewing machine set up to go I settled down on a third to do some FMQ

I was living dangerously because I had taken the foot pedal off and I was using the start stop function to FMQ for the first time. I love on the edge right?

Luckily my adapted foot fits onto a Janome just fine, so I set off..

FMQ using the start stop button is an interesting experience...

First, you have to set the machine to the right speed - you can't slow down or go faster. It stays at a constant speed. Which was daunting at first, but not too bad once I had got used to it. It does take a bit of fiddling to get the speed right!

Then there is the whole issue of being too used to using a foot pedal to stop! I am slowly getting used to using the start/stop button, but my foot still taps the floor looking for the pedal! Once you remember you need to keep and eye on where you are going and press it in plenty of time, it is fine!

Overall I really enjoyed not using the foot pedal. My stitches are not great, but then who's are when they try something new out?

Plus it got me lots of interest as to why I was wearing dodgy white gloves, which let to interest in sewing classes, both one-to-one private classes and the patchwork class I will be running at Prema. So the evening was a success!

Plus the boys tried out the new nanny/babysitter and she survived! Will find out their feedback when they wake up!

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