Saturday, 17 November 2012


I always greet the weekend with mixed emotions... no work (this weekend at least), but housework to catch up on and 3 hyper active monsters to keep entertained...

The routine is the same if we don't have to rush somewhere:
  • Mummy has coffee
  • Boys fight - mummy intervenes
  • Mummy tidies up a bit
  • Boys play nicely
  • Mummy hides in bed reading blogs and looking at handmade shops/blogs
  • Boys fight - mummy drags them out to run it off....
Getting some space to just be alone is kinda hard and the boys don't spend every weekend together so the first couple of hours on a Saturday morning are a contest of the testosterone to re-establish who is top dog - mummy!

So I whilst we are in the second playing nicely phase I thought share some of my blog finds recently.

I think I must have been very slow in discovering the blog of designer Anna Maria Horner. And I kinda regret that... her blog is a stunning visual peek into her world. I mean serious gorgeous! The pictures are perfect for drooling over with a mug of coffee. There is so much to ogle at and so much inspiration that I could happily pass away an entire morning just here.....

blue elephant stitches is the wonderful blog of quilts, quilts and more quilts! There a pictures to drool over, tutorials to follow and so many gorgeous things to look at it is hard to drag myself away from it. I haven't explored every part of the blog, but I plan to! The creations and colours are so vibrant and fabulous that you can't help feel inspired to go and sew!

Another new blog I have been checking in on is block-a-day. It is a gorgeous log of a fabulous crafter and her journey through life. I like taking sneak peeks at other peoples worlds and realising that we are all pretty much the same... it is comforting to know you are not alone!

Hope to you enjoy the blogs.

I would to see your favourites if you fancy sharing....

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