Monday, 29 October 2012


Yesterday was a day of tinkering... no sewing, just tinkering...

I wasn't feeling at my best, not been feeling great for 3 days, but in lone parent style the show must go on! (Even if it is at a slower pace and with a grimace!)

So after a wonderful day in Bath with my boys, Sunday was designated a pj day - read mummy just needs to curl up in bed day...

Maxi was at his dads for the weekend, so just midi and mini to sort out... midi went off the rugby with a friend as they were playing away in Stroud.... so just mini...

Mini is most beautiful and wonderful bundle of energy, but when you are feeling not so good that can be an today is the start of my 8 week teaching marathon..

5 days a week, 5 different classes in 5 different locations covering the whole of Gloucestershire.. and not all of the lesson plans or schemes of work were written when I woke yesterday morning.

So armed with cake, movies and a gentle reminder that mummy doesn't feel very well we survived the day... a SOW of work was written and 3 lesson plans completed... risk assessments carried out... just needs printing before I pack the car and set off this morning.

I also had a play with the blog. I am not convinced I like this dynamic look. There is some tweaking that needs doing and even then I may well switch back... what do you think? Was the tinkering worth it?

Feeling a bit redundant as I mananged no sewing or quilting. Sunday night turned into a I feel sorry for myself session! Plus this wonderful quilt needs so much work and I am desperate to get it to it's new owner!

Monday is a fresh start to a fabulous adventure with lots of lovely people, spreading the power of sewing!

(I will just be armed with flu tablets and coffee!!!!)

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  1. Takes a Wondermum to survive all that AND get a blog posted at this time on a monday morning, well done! Hope your week goes smoothly!