Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Simple Things

At the Festival of Quilts I managed to find the Mollie Makes stand.

I love this magazine.

It is my guilt free pleasure. I run a bath after the boys are in bed, lock the door (just to be sure) and read it cover to cover. The designers and ideas are so inspirational.

I am even that sad person who has not removed the free gift so I can keep it in pristine condition!

But it wasn't the Mollie Makes subscription that I wanted - I get it from my newsagent each month because it make him giggle every time I collect it! Spreading the joy like that is worth the extra cost!

It was the new magazine The Simple Things that I had seen on Twitter that I wanted to checked out and with a 3 issues for £1 offer, who wouldn't?

Today my last of the 3 issues arrived... so will I be continuing with the subscription?


From the very first issue I was impressed. The articles are interesting and diverse - I love My City, it is like a mini escape into someone elses life...

It is chock-a-block full of such lovely things to make and do.

It has the same feel as Mollie Makes, it has the same fantastic images, layout and texture, but if I am honest, it has more substance. As I said I love Mollie Makes, but I can read it in one bubble bath. The Simple Things just lasts and lasts!

Every time I open a copy I find something new. For me, it is like taking journey out of the everyday stress of work and 3 boys without leaving my own home. It is a journey I have come to look forward to A LOT!

So after a lovely morning out in Bath visiting the Fashion Museum, I am tucked away in my room with a mug of coffee just about to start my journey into The Simple Things and wondering where I will go....

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