Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Long Journey

I am so sorry for having been gone for so long.

The last 3 weeks have been a journey in letting my body repair itself following my fall. It has been a long and painful process, that isn't over yet, but I can at least sit for longer periods and my brain cells can put sentences together!

I have realised how many amazing and fabulous friends we have. From taking mini to nursery to listening to me weep and feeding me cups of tea, they have been superb. I have often worried about how we could cope if something happened to me. I have no family near, so friends are the only support network I have. I now know we would be fine. I have simply amazing friends who are fabulous!

It has been very strange to not be able to use my gorgeous Elna machine to sew - I just couldn't hold that position for longer than 2 minutes with pain! Felt like I had lost my best friend!

So after resting as much as I could and taking things as slowly as you can with 3 children, I am finally walking pretty much normally - not bent up like and old lady - and I can sew for up to 45 minutes before I need to walk it off.

So, now I seem to be on the mend I can start putting my plans together... the inability to do anything sensible for 3 weeks has been the hardest bit of recovering. Time to get my favourite green pen out and write a do to list for the next few days....

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